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Repair Services

Our experienced technicians ensure your safety with quality repairs that you can trust.


Broken or Damaged Springs

This is the most common problem and should only be fixed by a professional because spring pressure can be dangerous.


Garage Door Off Track

This is a serious problem that can cause the door to become stuck or fall suddenly. It's important to address this issue ASAP to prevent damage and injury. 


Damaged Panels or Sections

Factors: accidents, weather, etc.

If your garage door panels or sections are damaged, they may need to be replaced. 


Sensor Issues

Factors: such as dirt, debris or misalignment.

Sensors can be cleaned or realigned to fix the problem.


Bent Track

It's best to consult a professional who has the expertise to properly repair or replace the track. Regular maintenance can help to prevent it from becoming bent in the future.


Worn or Damaged Rollers

Rollers can become damaged over time, which can cause your door to make noises. Replacing the rollers can help restore the function of the door.


Malfunction Opener

Factors: worn out motor, damaged gears, or a faulty remote control.

We can help diagnose the problem and provide a solution.


Broken Cables

Cables are under a lot of tension and should be handled carefully. It's our responsibility to ensure that your cables are always under control and work properly.


Bad Weatherstripping 

It is recommended to inspect the weatherstripping at least once a year and replace it if any signs of damage are observed.

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